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Your donation will support the different projects being carried out together with indigenous people, in their territories and at Sacha Warmi center. For more information about our projects and how your money will help, visit Our Programs. We thank you for supporting our work and mission. Together we can help preserve the bio-cultural diversity in Amazonia.

  • Donation in Ecuador
    •  Bank name: Banco de Guayaquil
    • Bank address: Pichincha y Pablo Icaza – Guayaquil
    • Beneficiary name: Fundación Sacha Warmi
    • Account number: 37213063
    • Beneficiary address: Km 25 Vía Macas – Puyo (Pastaza) Ecuador
    • Swift Code: GUAYECEXXX
    • Paypal:
  • Donation in United Sates
    • Friends of Sacha Warmi.
    • PO box 696, Bolinas CA 94924
    • New Resource Bank.
    • Account # 2021921.
    • SWIFT Code: WFBIUS6S.
    • Bank’s Routing (ABA) # 121044369.
    • San Francisco, CA (USA).
    • Paypal: