Our Story

The origin of our story goes back to the 1980s, shortly after the official recognition by the World Health Organization (WHO) of the importance of traditional medicines to improve human health, particularly in developing countries.

Our first actions were training health promoters to integrate natural remedies in their work, prioritizing the use of medicinal plants, as well as valuing and learning from the knowledge of healers and midwives. So, our first steps were to introduce health promoters to the resources and systems of indigenous health.

In Ecuador, since the year 2000, we have placed special emphasis on promoting and supporting the recovery and revival of traditional indigenous health systems. We have also sought to foster dialogues between traditional healers and the formal health system, thus seeking true interculturality and harmonious cooperation between both forms of medicine.

In 2018, seeking to strengthen our organization, we decided to become the “Sacha Warmi Foundation”, an independent non-profit organization recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador (Ministerial Agreement No. DM-2018- 035, March 6, 2018).