XV Congress of the Council Kichwa of Pastaza (NAOKIP)

On August 24, 25, and 26 of August, the XV Congress of the Kichwa communities and organizations of the province of Pastaza took place, making an important step towards unification, calling for a general agreement and the solidarity to continue the fight for the recognition of the collective rights of the indigenous communities and for a common dream to guide the destiny of all those who live in the great territory of the Kichwa nation of Pastaza (1.400,00 hectacres).

Rosa Canelos, director of the Sacha Warmi Program “Women, Family, and Territory”, was named “Secretary of Women and Intercultural Health”.

The most important moments of the congress were recorded for retransmission by Jatari Community Radio by a group of Kichwa young men from Arajuno, in order for all the communities to be able to participate in what was said and agreed upon.